Environmental Policy

- Marmoleum flooring in the main playroom (made of flax seed and easily cleaned)
- avoid over-packaging when buying groceries and toys
- buy locally and organic when available
- use compact fluorescent and LED bulbs
- feed birds birdseed not bread when on our walks
- we recycle everything
- encourage lights to be off when not in use
- compost all food waste
- donate unwanted toys and clothes
- respect for wildlife
- Earth Day activities
- natural crafts
- belong to a food co-op (less packaging, buy in bulk)
- vegetarian meals and snacks
- front load washing machine
- run dishwasher only when full
- organic lawn care
- natural cleaners and hand soaps
- purchase toys that are made of natural materials and /       
  or high quality for many years of use
- no hand sanitizers are used in the program
maintain a children’s garden and involve the children
- chemical free barrier sunscreen only
- store water in glass containers       
- spend outdoor time discovering plants and insects              - endeavor to walk to as many of our outings as possible         - cloth diaper friendly                                                               - supportive of breastfeeding moms                                        - large shaded backyard (more outdoor time)                             - ½ bag of garbage every week (includes the daycare and        diapers if used)                                                                        - space for bicycle/bike trailer lock-up for those who prefer                                to bike                                                                                            - stainless steel sippy cups and glass                                                                                    - do not use PVC lined bibs