- provide a safe and stable environment for your child
establish and maintain open and honest
  communication with the child’s parents
establish a schedule and routine with your child 
  (children feel secure with routine)
allow flexibility within the schedule for spontaneity
  and the child’s mood
address the whole child by stimulating the mind,
  nurturing healthy emotional development, and guiding
  your child through a broad range of activities
recognize how your child will pass through distinct
  developmental stages 
- emphasize respect and wonder for nature
engage your child into a discovery of the world and of
- lead by example and let actions speak for themselves
offer materials and toys which will stimulate the
  imagination of the child

Expectations from Parents

foster the development of open and honest
  communication with me as a care provider
be respectful of agreed upon drop-off and pick-up times
  and to notify me in advance when possible
- be attentive to the day care policy and procedure forms

Parental Involvement Policy

At Green Sprouts, I consider the parents to be a valuable resource in terms of planning and caring for their children. While the demands of work outside the home can be taxing, I still encourage and welcome your involvement. All families are different with varying needs and I would like to encourage you to participate according to your current ability. Whether you would like to send a snack along to share, pass along a craft idea, a link to an interesting website related to child care or offer to come along on a field trip - all is appreciated and welcomed! 

A respectful relationship will help us both work towards a common goal. Parental involvement is so important as it allows the children to know that their parents are interested in what they do. They will get a sense that they are cared for when they observe how their parents and caregiver talk to each other about them and planned activities and events. Your input into your child’s care is something that I am always open to discussing with you.

Green Sprouts Child Care