Health Policy

Healthy children are happy children. When a child is in good health they are eager to learn, socialize and explore. At Green Sprouts your child’s health is a concern and responsibility that I take seriously. When your child is with me you can expect:

  1. -a smoke free home

  2. -a pet free home

  3. -a clean environment

- limited use of carpeting that can trap allergens

  1. -playroom floor is washable and made of Marmoleum (natural fibres and biodegradable)

- chemical free cleaners and air fresheners

- non-toxic hand soap

- non-toxic play and craft materials
- healthy meals and snacks without artificial colourings, preservatives, flavourings or sweeteners

- that your child’s food sensitivities and intolerances will be substituted with appropriate alternatives

- your child’s emotional well-being with be valued and handled with sensitivity

- that I will apply non-toxic sunscreen as needed and that your child will wear a hat

- we will spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying all seasons

- foods will be properly stored and handled

- that the hot water heater temperature has been reduced to avoid burning

- that taps and sinks are clean and sanitized

- we will maintain organic gardening practices

- that I will limit your child’s exposure to plastics

- your child will wash their hands several times a day

- any recalls or notifications by Health Canada will prompt immediate action within my home

If your child becomes ill while in my care, you will be notified. When a child is vomiting, has a fever, diarrhea, is pale or listless, you or your emergency contacts will need to pick up your child ASAP. The child will be isolated (yet still supervised) until someone arrives. It is difficult to care for a group of children and a sick child simultaneously, so in all fairness to the children and myself – be QUICK!

Please make sure that the child is well before bringing them back to care. In general, I like to know that a child has not vomited or had diarrhea in the last 24 hours. Do NOT bring a child with a fever who is otherwise well – it is likely that they will get worse while in my care and I will not have the resources to deal with it effectively. Your child needs rest, quiet and individualized care – something I can’t offer with a house full of children.

In the event of a serious contagious outbreak, the effected child will be isolated and you will be notified to pick them up. All parents with children registered here (even if your child was not in attendance that day) will be notified of the outbreak so that you may take appropriate actions.

Your responsibility as a parent is to provide me with current and up to date information regarding your child’s health. I need to be notified immediately if your child has come down with a communicable disease so that I can notify all of the parents. This is important if your child becomes ill on the weekend – don’t wait until Monday! Let me know when it happens. I promise to keep you informed about your child’s health while they are in my care.

If medications are to be given they need to be in the original container with written instructions for dosage amounts and at what times/circumstances that they are to be administered. You can rest assured that I would never medicate your child without consent. Together, with effective communication, we can be excellent partners in protecting and caring for your child’s health.