Sunscreen Policy


In order to ensure a low toxin environment within the child care setting I ask parents to refrain from applying sunscreen to their child in the morning as some people/children are allergic to sunscreen chemicals and fragrances. It is also likely that the children will end up ingesting it after being in the playroom, playing with each other and with the toys. In hot weather, the kids tend to get sticky and sweaty having to wear it all day long. I will provide a chemical-free barrier sunscreen for the children during outside time as needed. I also understand that it is a personal choice influenced with the best needs of your own child in mind. Because of that I would be happy to apply your own sunscreen during outside play should you prefer a different brand. In keeping with my philosophy of healthy sun exposure for children, we do limit our outside play to off peak hours and attempt to set up our play areas in our shaded areas. I also supply No Zone bathing suits to keep the children covered during water play.

Typical sunscreens contain many chemicals that are known carcinogens and can cause more cancers than they are meant to protect against. They also contain endocrine disruptors and are linked to developmental/reproductive problems, toxicity and allergies. If you are interested in checking the rating of your sunscreen of choice in the Environmental Working Groups database you can access it here: 

Sunscreen application also inhibits vitamin D absorption (an essential hormone supplied by exposure to sunlight). Vitamin D helps to regulate the immune system and it plays a role in insulin secretion and cancer prevention (including skin cancers ironically). 

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. The health of all of the children in care is a primary concern of mine at all times. With your help we can ensure we are taking precautions against all of the children's health to maintain a low toxin environment at Green Sprouts.