Aspirus symptom navigator peripheral artery disease - legs definition peripheral artery disease is a condition of the blood vessels that leads to narrowing and hardening of the arteries that supply the legs and feet. Viagra pills online canada The narrowing of the blood vessels leads to decreased blood flow, which can injure nerves and other tissues. How long do i wait after taking viagra is viagra a prescription drug Causes peripheral artery disease is caused by arteriosclerosis, or "hardening of the arteries. getting viagra uk " this problem occurs when fatty material (plaque) builds up on the walls of your arteries. viagra dosage 200 mg This causes the arteries to become narrower. viagra online canada overnight The walls of the arteries also become stiffer and cannot widen (dilate) to allow greater blood flow when needed. How many mg viagra should i take As a result, when the muscles of your legs are working harder (such as during exercise or walking) they cannot get enough blood and oxygen. cheap viagra canada Eventually, there may not be enough blood and oxygen, even when the muscles are resting. ordering viagra online Peripheral artery disease is a common disorder that usually affects men over age 50. viagra sale no prescription People are at higher risk if they have a history of: abnormal cholesterol diabetes heart disease (coronary artery disease) high blood pressure (hypertension) kidney disease involving hemodialysis smoking stroke (cerebrovascular disease) symptoms the classic symptoms are pain, achiness, fatigue, burning, or discomfort in the muscles of your feet, calves, or thighs. 40 mg viagra dosage These symptoms usually appear during walking or exercise and go away after several minutes of rest. buy female viagra usa At first, these symptoms may appear only when you walk uphill, walk faster, or walk for longer distances. 40 mg viagra dosage Slowly, these symptoms come on more quickly and with less exercise. buy cheap viagra online us Your legs or feet may feel numb when you are at rest. viagra for sale in usa The legs also may feel cool to the touch, and the skin may look pale. dove comprare viagra online forum When peripheral artery disease becomes severe, you may have: impotence pain and cramps at night pain or tingling in the feet or toes, which can be so severe that even the weight of clothes or bed sheets is painful pain that is worse whenâ you raise theâ leg and improves when you dangle your legs over the side of the bed skin that looks dark and blue soresâ that do not heal exams and tests during an examination, the health care provider may find: a whooshing sound with the stethoscope over the artery (arterial bruits) decreased blood pressure in the affected limb loss of hair on the legs or feet weak or. quality viagra generic online 40 mg viagra dosage