Search our medical news database advanced search register login hot topics aging surgery women's health neuroscience antibiotics more home newsletter for purchase medical topics products about us contact verticalnews prostate cancer intensity-modulated radiation therapy reduces penile bulb exposure published in obgyn and reproduction week , may 10th, 2004 intensity-modulated radiation therapy (imrt) can reduce the radiation exposure of proximal penile structures and potentially reduce the incidence of post-treatment impotence, researchers report. viagra for sale According to a study from the united states, "quality of life is an important consideration in the treatment of early prostate cancer. Laboratory and clinical data suggest that higher radiation doses delivered to the bulb of penis and proximal penile structures correlates with higher rates of post-radiation impotence. " "the goal of this investigation was to determine if intensity-modulated radiation therapy (imrt) spares dose to the penile bulb while maintaining coverage of the prostate. female viagra vitamins Ten consecutive patients with clinically organ confined prostate cancer were planned with 3d conformal radiation therapy (3d-crt) or imrt to give a dose of 74 gy without specifically constraining the plans to spare the penile bulb," wrote j. Viagra 20 anni Kao and colleagues, university of chicago, university of illinois, chicago. "all 10 patients were ultimately treated with imrt. buy viagra Dose-volume histograms were evaluated and the doses to prostate, rectum, bladder, and penile bulb were compared. cheap viagra online Imrt reduced the mean penile bulb doses compared with 3d-crt (33. Compare viagra viagra side effects 2 gy vs 48. 9 gy, p<. Natural viagra uk 001), the percentage of penile bulb receiving over 40 gy (37. prescription cost viagra 50mg 7% vs 67. cheap viagra online 2%, p<. 001), and the dose received by >95% of penile bulb (5. can you mix viagra and alcohol 3 gy vs 11. 7 gy, p=. 003)," the researchers wrote. "maximum penile bulb doses were higher with imrt (81. cheap viagra 2 gy vs 73. female viagra vitamins 1 gy, p<. viagra dosage usage 001) although the volume of this high dose region was small. Both methods resulted in similar coverage of the prostate. can viagra viagra taken together The volume of rectum receiving 70 gy was significantly reduced with imrt (18. 4% vs 21. 9%, p=. 003) but the volumes of bladder receiving 70 gy were similar (p=. 3). Imrt may potentially reduce long-term sexual morbidity by reducing the dose to the majority of the penile bulb," the researchers co. female viagra vitamins viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra tablets online viagra side effects- lower back pain is viagra for daily use safe viagra online without prescription-canada taking viagra in your 20s cheap viagra online canada brazilian natural viagra